CHITRAL: After several incidents of suicides by students after performing poorly in the exams, now a schoolteacher has committed suicide in Chitral.

Local sources said Muhammad Qasim, a teacher at a government primary school, who was a resident of Bashqir village in Lotkoh valley, ended his life on Wednesday by hanging himself.

Media reports said 46 people have committed suicide in Chitral this this year. The increasing incidents of suicides in the picturesque peaceful valley has created concerns among the locals. Majority of the recent suicides were committed by young male and female students who had secured lesser marks in their schools’ examinations. Few other people committed suicide due to domestic issues and poor economic condition.

The suicide by a schoolteacher on Wednesday happened a week after the Health Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa constituted a committee to investigate causes behind the growing ratio of suicides in Chitral. The four-member committee has been tasked to find medical and social causes behind the suicide cases.

Head of Anthropology Department of the University of Peshawar, Professor Dr Jamil Chitrali had said in a recent interview with TNN that the committee would not be able to find exact causes of the issue as it was a social issue.

He was of the view that people of Chitral have no access to basic necessities of life, adding that females were also facing various cultural and social problems. He advised the government to hire services of sociologists to visit the district and conduct a detailed research to ascertain causes behind the suicidal tendency among local youth.