Displaced people from North Waziristan Agency protesting in favor of their demands at Peshawar. Photo by Usman Khan

PESHAWAR, 8 December: The internally displaced persons of North Waziristan on Tuesday held a protest rally here in front of the Governor House demanding early repatriation to their hometown.

The rally was attended by tribal elders and members of the Youth of Waziristan.

The protesters asked the government to expedite the process of IDPs repatriation. “We also demand actions against those who had looted our houses, shops and other properties after our relocation from the native areas. We abandoned our houses, shops and markets. There was nobody to look after that,” said an annoyed tribesman adding the practice was still going on and the concerned authorities should take proper measures to stop this.

The participant of the rally also demanded action against the SHO of a local police station for what they alleged, “protecting thieves”.

“Burglars broke into the house of one of the IDPs in Budhu Samarbagh area of the provincial capital but the SHO of the concerned police station instead of providing us justice, had been trying to protect the thieves,” a protestor alleged.

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