PESHAWAR, 25 May: The tribesmen affected by the military operation in North Waziristan Agency (NWA) have demanded of the government to stop demolishing business structures in the tribal agency.

During a jirga of Wazir and Dawar tribesmen of NWA at Bagh-i-Naran in Peshawar today, they said political administration has started bulldozing shops in Miranshah Bazaar, carrying tens of millions of rupees sale items.

If the political administration has suspicions against anybody doing business in the bazaar, it should talk to the tribal elders and take any action after taking the local jirga into confidence, they said, adding that destroying shops without citing any reason is a sheer injustice to local traders.

“On one hand, [if the administration keeps on destroying these shops] the local traders would have to suffer millions of rupees losses, and a number of people would make claims over the ownership of the destroyed shops, on the other,” said a participant of the jirga.

“Why are they bent upon bulldozing shop carrying millions of rupees sale items?” another member of the jirga poses a query.

However, the political administration says that the shops of those people are being destroyed who were suspected to be supporters of militants.


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