Oil tankers’ owners suspended oil supply to Peshawar as protest against ban

KOHAT, 13 November: To register their protest against ban on the passage of oil tankers through the Kohat tunnel, tankers’ owners have stopped oil supply to Peshawar.

Chairman of the All-Pakistan Oil Tankers’ Association Shafi Marwat told reporters here that the National Highways Authority (NHA) imposed an “unjust” ban on the passage of oil tankers through the Kohat tunnel some eight months due to unknown reasons.

“Following the ban, our tankers are using the Kota route which is not only difficult but also dangerous as a number of tankers have met with fatal accidents,” Marwat said.

In the first phase, he added, they parked their vehicles in Kohat and stopped oil supply from Karachi to Peshawar.

“If the ban is not lifted within three days, we will give a countrywide strike and stop oil supply across the country,” he threatened.

The Kohat district administration has started dialogue with the protesting oil tankers’ owners.

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