A view of a house which collapsed in Lower Dir after developing cracks in the last week’s earthquake. - Photo by Shahid Hussain

LOWER DIR, 2 November: One person lost his life when his earthquake damaged house caved in in Gambat area of Maidan tehsil in Lower Dir on Sunday.

The local people told TNN that Tayyebullah was present in his house in the evening when the roof of the house collapsed, leaving him dead on the spot. They said cracks appeared in the house after last week’s earthquake.

Meanwhile, the people of Dalgram area of Lower Dir complained that a lot of houses have been damaged in the earthquake but the government has not provided any assistance to them so far.

Hussain Badshah, a local resident, told TNN that about 50 houses in his village have been damaged in the quake. He said some houses are partially damaged, while others are completely damaged.

“One room of my house has collapsed and the houses of some of our neighbours have been damaged completely and they are now residing in tents. No government department or any charity organisation has extended any kind of help to us so far,” he said.

Mr Badshah demanded the government to extend assistance to the quake-affected people without further delay.

Meanwhile, Ghuncha Gul, a person hailing from Swabi, who was injured in the earthquake, succumbed to his injuries at the Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar on Sunday.

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