Salman Yousafzai

PESHAWAR: The Cantonment Board administration in Peshawar is under criticism for again digging Saddar Road for making it two-way after declaring it one-way recently.

The Cantonment Board had declared Saddar-1 Road as one-way on May 13, 2019 for which the road divider and plants were removed from the road. However, one month after the decision, two-way traffic again started on the road without any announcement. And now the road is being dug again to properly make it two-way road by construction of a divider.

Why Saddar Road was made one-way?

Peshawar Cantonment Board Vice Chairman Waris Khan Afridi said while talking to TNN that the road was declared one-way over the demand of traders of Saddar Bazaar to overcome the problems of traffic congestion and parking.

Trade Union President Munir Butt said the Cantonment Board administration had already decided to make the road one-way and traders were called for a meeting for this purpose thrice, but they opposed the proposal every time. He alleged that the administration took this decision for its own interest to get more money for car parking by getting more space for it. He said traders also held protests against making the road one-way.

What was the problem with one-way road?

Munir Butt told TNN that the number of customers significantly reduced after the road was made one-way as they had to cover a long distance for coming to Saddar Bazaar. He said traffic pattern was also disturbed and several U-turns and parking plazas were made.

The trade union leader said removal of plants from road divider dented the beauty of Saddar Bazaar, traffic problems increased and customers reduced when the road was made one-way. He said traffic shifting to Sonehri Masjid Road also created traffic problems there.

Why two-way road again?

Waris Afridi said the road was made one-way on the demand of traders and now it is again reverted to two-way on their demand. He hoped that the work on establishment of road divider and plantation on it will be completed within 10 days. He said plantation is being carried out to revive the beauty of the road.

The people using the road have criticized the Cantonment Board administration for taking steps which cause more problems than benefits.

Muhammad Shireen, a local resident, said while talking to TNN that he is unable to understand why the road is built and rebuilt again and again.