Muhammad Nawaz

KALAYA: Students in the only primary school for boys in Mamakhel area of Orakzai tribal district are facing difficulties due to lack of basic facilities at the school.

Students of the school told TNN that there are only two classrooms for over 300 students in the school. They said the roof, doors and windows of these two classrooms are damaged and they cannot sit there during rain. The students of first, second and third grade attend their classes in tents due to lack of classrooms for them. These tents cannot protect the students from harsh weather and they are exposed to diseases.

The area people said there are no desks for students and they sit on mates to attend their classes. They said the school also lacks the basic facilities of clean drinking water and washrooms.

“Weather is turning cold and we are still attending our classes in tents. There is no arrangement for clean drinking water and sanitation in our school. The government should address these issues on priority basis,” said Shakirullah, who is a second grade student in the school.

Muhammad Sher, a third grade student, told TNN that the students cannot keep their clothes clean due to dust in the tents. He said classrooms should be constructed in the school and furniture and clean drinking water should also be provided.