Peshawar District Nazim Arbab Asim. - A file photo

PESHAWAR, 2 September: The Peshawar District Council opposition leader has announced to bring no-confidence motion against District Nazim Arbab Muhammad Asim.

Talking to TNN, opposition leader Saeed Zahir Advocate alleged that the district nazim has failed to bring any mega project for Peshawar and he has failed miserably. He said the no-confidence motion will be forwarded in the assembly after consultations with other opposition groups.

“Even some PTI councillors have approached me and assured that they will vote against the district nazim if voting was held through secret ballot. We will submit the no-confidence motion with the secretary as soon as we get the required number of members. I have the support of PML-N, ANP, PPP, Rahe-e-Haq Party and independent members,” Mr Saeed claimed.

Meanwhile, District Council Member of the Awami National Party (ANP), Safdar Baghi said all the opposition parties of the council have assured cooperation in bringing no-confidence motion against the district nazim.