Photo by Hassan Orakzai

HANGU, 08 August: Tribal elders have asked the political administration of the Orakzai agency to cancel the NOC of those non-governmental organizations which are not recruiting local youth in their projects.

A grand jirga of the elders of local tribes was held here on Monday. Former federal minister and Member National Assembly Dr. Ghazi Gulab Jamal chaired the jirga.

Addressing on the occasion, Dr. Jamal said he had already conveyed the reservations of tribal elders to the political authorities in this regard, but lamented that no concrete steps had been taken by the administration so far.

“There are thousands of jobless educated youth in the agency who can be accommodated in different organizations but unfortunately, large number of staff has been hired from other areas, which is injustice with the people of Orakzai agency,” Dr. Jamal said.

He added that the political authorities had assured them that local youth would be hired in these organizations but to no avail.

The tribal elders asked the political administration to stop all such organizations from working in the agency which are not accommodating local youth, otherwise they would forcibly stop those organizations.