BARA, 20 October: The political administration of Khyber Agency has directed the people affected due to military operations in Bara and Tirah Maidan to ensure their presence in their houses during the survey of damaged houses.

The administration said the absence of the affected people from the houses may deprive them from compensation. It said survey of damaged houses in Bara’s Shalobar, Akakhel, Malikdinkhel and Adamkhel areas has been completed. It said some houses were not included in the survey due to absence of owners.

The administration said the people who were not included in the survey should immediately submit their applications along with pictures of their damaged houses at Political House in Peshawar. About 2,000 damaged houses in Bara and Tirah have been included in the survey so far.

The owners of completely damaged houses will get Rs400,000 and that of partially damaged houses will get Rs160,000 each.


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