PESHAWAR: The new cabinet of Pak-US Alumni Network Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter has vowed to bring new projects for the uplift of transgender persons and youth.

Roohullah Khalil, President of Pak-US Alumni Network Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter, said in an interview with TNN that transgender persons are not treated well in our society and they often face discrimination. He said he will make efforts to bring maximum facilities for transgender persons and address their sense of alienation.

Roohullah Khalil said reference also works in some programmes of the Alumni and he will try to engage an active community member from transgender persons and arrange his meeting with senior officials of the Alumni. He said he will try to secure a visit of the transgender persons to the US. He said if the plan worked then the transgender persons will get an opportunity to visit the US and learn a lot.

Mr Khalil said he network will make efforts to bring new and innovative projects for the youth. “I am planning to arrange youth programmes at the University of Peshawar as it will help the students to learn new things and compete with the students of other universities,” he said.

Marina Khan, head of the youth cabinet, said while talking to TNN that she wants to work for women. She said less number of women are seen in the programmes of the Network. She said it is her responsibility to bring the women forward and accommodate them. Marina said she will help the women find opportunities and utilise them.

Marina said women don’t get job opportunities like men. She said there are some other organisations which are working for the betterment of women, and the Alumni Network will also join hands with them to pursue the shared objective of women empowerment.

To a question, Marina said it is mandatory for aspirants of the grant to have membership of the Network. She said those who have visited the US are eligible for the membership.

“If a non-member has a good idea then he/she can share it with the Network member and if it works then the proposer may also be included in the project,” she said.

Marina said there are different kinds of grants. She said one such grant is about chapter activity which is about leadership which there are also small grants. The project proposers must keep in mind that they must possess relevant experience and their proposed project must be beneficial for the people.

About her experience of the US visit, Marina, who has an engineering degree, said people from different countries and having degrees in various disciplines visited the US along her. She said it was a great learning experience and the course prepared for them was easy to understand.

“During our US visit, we vowed to continue work on the ‘Leadership for Change’ project in our countries, so I am working on this project in our country. Under this project we are working on women healthcare, education and leaders making. The US visit increased by passion to work for our people,” she said.

Marina said she got a best and secure environment in the US during her stay. She said those parents who are reluctant to send their children to the US will see the visible confidence level of their children after the visit the country and will appreciate it. It will enable them to work for the betterment of their families and community at large.


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