PESHAWAR, November 8: Twenty-one agreements worth 4 billion dollars have been signed between Pakistan and China in a recent visit of Pakistani Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

The projects include hydel power generation, solar energy, air and coal in various areas of the country. China will assist Pakistan in all of the projects and more than 1600MW electricity would be generated from it.

In addition, the agreement regarding extracting coal from Thar has also been signed between the two countries. The Foreign Ministry of China says that the atomic reactor and Gwadar are also part of the projects.

Mr Sharif met the president and prime minister of China quite before signing the accords between the countries. He also invited Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang to pay a visit to Pakistan.

The prime minister told the media that strong and cordial relations with China were the integral part of Pakistan’s foreign policy and that the power outages in the country would be minimised to a great extent.


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