Photo by Mehrab Afridi

LANDI KOTAL, 02 May: On the request of the Afghan authorities, Pakistan has deferred the visa restrictions for Afghan refugees entering through Torkham border, officials said here on Monday.

According to an official of the political administration here that after consultation with Afghan authorities it was decided to ban cross-border movement without valid travel documents beyond April 30.

“Now the deadline has been extended till May 30 to give time to the Afghan nationals to prepare proper travel documents and obtain visa from Pakistani embassy in Kabul and consulate office in Jalalabad,” the official explained.

The local authorities have put on display a signboard at Torkham entry point informing Afghan nationals in Pashto and Dari languages not to try to enter Pakistan without valid visa and other travel documents after May 30.

On the other hand Afghan nationals who are frequently coming to Pakistan without visas have hailed the extension by the Pakistani officials saying they have been facing hardships in getting their international passports due to shortage of staff and other facilities.