PESHAWAR, 5 October: The United States is supporting Pakistan air force by providing latest strike technology during the on-going operation against militants in Pak-Afghan border region, Pakistan’s ambassador in Washington said on Sunday. Addressing the second Convention of the Pakistani-American Community in Washington DC, Jalil Abbas Jilani said that over 90 per cent of the North Waziristan has been cleared by Pakistan army. Jilani said that US was helping Pakistan return and rehabilitate thousands of tribal people displaced by the military operations against militancy in FATA .The US Deputy Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan Jonathan Carpenter lauded the Pakistani army for its successful action against militants in tribal areas saying that US will continue supporting Pakistan in war on terror. Because of the recent events in Kunduz and the attack on the air base in Peshawar, `this`s been a particularly difficult time for both Pakistan and Afghanistan, he said.
Mr Carpenter dispelled the impression that the United States was leaving the region by 2016.`The United States, he said, had invested blood and resources in this region that would be protected and sustained at all cost.

—-Compiled from media reports



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