Abdul Sattar

Pakistani religious scholars are using pulpit to fight disinformation against Covid-19 vaccines and trying to spread the message that vaccination against the pandemic was part of Sunnah.

Earlier at the outset of the outbreak, there were rumors from some quarters regarding the virus and their videos were also widely shared on social media. These videos led to a discussion regarding the vaccine being permissible or forbidden in Islam.

Maulana Hafiz Abdul Jabbar these days takes up this issue in his Friday sermon to declare it was imperative to take care of one’s health besides focusing on spiritual side.

“In the ongoing outbreak, there is no religious detriment against getting vaccinated,” he said.

Earlier in June this year, President Arif Alvi had met religious scholars and urged them to play their role in persuading people to vaccinate themselves against the virus. Mr Alvi said that words uttered from mosques pulpits carried great value for guidance of general public.

Hafiz Jabbar said that it was established from Quran and traditions of Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him to get treated against any illness. He said that even Prophet Peace Be Upon Him himself get treatment for his stomach problem and his companions have also received treatment for illnesses.

He said that Covid-19 was one of the scores of pandemic to hit the world and the vaccine has been introduced to protect the lives of people.

Islamic Ideology Council’s Chairman Dr Qibla Ayaz said that taking precautions in pandemic was a religious obligation. He said that those spreading doubts regarding vaccines were endangering lives.

He said that one even could get vaccinate while fasting.

Hafiz Jabbar said that people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa greatly revered religious scholars. He said that religious scholars started raising their voices in support of vaccination, and then the day was not far away when the all of us would be vaccinated.

“I have received my first dose of vaccine and receive the next on prescribe date,” he said, adding that religious scholars’ help would ensure easy vaccination of all the population.


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