PESHAWAR: In an unprecedented development in the history of erstwhile Fata, a local tribe in Kurram tribal district has provided free of cost land for establishment of two police stations in the area.

The land is free of cost, no conditions are attached and Police Department is free to use the donated land for setting up police stations as and when it likes.

According to the land donation agreement, a copy of which is available with TNN, the elders of Para Chamkani tribe of Kurram said they fully trust and express full confidence in the leadership of District Police Officer (DPO) Muhammad Quraish Khan. They said the DPO has taken many steps for improvement of law and order, rule of law and making the police system successful. They said the steps of the district police chief are yielding positive results.

The agreement document, signed by many tribal elders, reads that the Para Chamkani tribe has unanimously decided to gift a six-kanal land situated in Sewak area and 12-kanal land in Sarpakh for establishment of police stations. The agreement reads that there are no conditions attached with the land donation. It assured that no claim or case whatsoever will be made by any member of Para Chamkani tribe in future on the land. The agreement reads that no hurdle will be created by any tribesman in establishment of police stations.

It is an unprecedented development in merged tribal districts and depicts trust of the tribesmen into the newly introduced police system in the area. People of Kurram district have welcomed police system and said they will fully cooperate with police in improving law and order.

According to common government practice, land for police stations is acquired through purchase, imposition of Section 4 of Land Acquisition Act or people provide land in return for a government job. The Para Chamkani tribe of Kurram has set a new precedent and social circles expect that more tribes will also follow this trend.

Tribesmen said they were impressed by the police efforts for law and order, community policing and rule of law after which they decided to gift the land for the police station.