PESHAWAR: Sexual abuse of children is something which has become a regular thing when we see newspapers and TV, and in some cases the victims are also killed by the abusers.

I also have children and I always remain fearful about occurrence of such incidents, particularly after noticing one such threat to my 11-year-old son.

We used to send my son for bringing milk from his aunt’s home every evening, but he always remained reluctant. One day we asked him as to why he is not willing for such a little task, he was initially very reluctant to reveal anything, but then we took him into confidence and encouraged him to say whatever he wants to say. He told that there are some guys outside who tease him. We then asked for more details, which were terrible to hear. My son revealed that two guys ask him to go with them to a deserted place, and he ran away from there.

My husband then asked my son to go there, and he will follow him with a distance. I was extremely perturbed when they went outside. When my husband came back home, he revealed that there were two guys on a motorcycle, he ran towards them, but they escaped.

Since that day, our concerns about children’s safety have grown manifold. My husband is not willing to leave the village and shift to city. Now we always keep our children inside our home and never allow them to go outside alone.

There was another incident in our neighbourhood in which a 25-year-old man sexually abused a 10-year-old boy. Neighbours told me that a case was registered against the alleged abuser and sexual abuse was proved in medical test.

I can’t stop thinking what this is happening repeatedly and which our society can’t get rid of this situation. Victims of such incidents bear the brunt of sin of others and they also face social backlash and their future is destroyed. Such incidents are particularly disturbing for parents. The parents must encourage their children to reveal wrong approach, and train them to stop others from wrongdoings.


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