Pashto poets want to include Pashto in private schools' curriculum

BUNER: Along with oath-taking ceremony of the newly elected cabinet of Chagharzai Pashto Literary Jirga in Badal area of Chagharzai, a poetry recitation session was also organised to promote Pashto culture and literature.

According to correspondent TNN, the poetry session was chaired by Professor Iqbal Shakir, other poets including Zar Kaliyawal, Behramand Bahar and Oqab Buneri also participated and presented their poetry to the audience.

Professor Shakir in his speech to the gathering said that poets and literature have played a very important role in every movement in the world. He urged the administration of private schools to include Pashto subject in the curriculum so that the new generation could better write and read their own language and also understand their culture and history.

Poet lovers praised the new generation’s lyrics and said that the poetry of mountain people has its own colour. It is to be remembered that the Chagharazai Literary Jirga was founded in July 2011 which has held large poetry sessions till now, most notably the poetry session on climate change which was much appreciated by the local people.

The Chagharzai Literary Jirga still holds a number of poetry sessions climate change from time to time and does its best to raise awareness and importance of this issue in the language of poetry.

On January 2019 in order to create awareness about climate change among the local people, the Pashto poets gathered in Buner for a poetry session to create awareness about climate change and the issues created by it through poetry. It was the first-ever such a poetry session organized at Chagharzai area, where besides the youth, the district administration also participated and appreciated the efforts to prevent the degradation of the natural environment. It was, in fact, the part of the series of the poetry sessions on climate change initiated by a semi-government organization, National Rural Support Program (NRSP).