PESHAWAR, 17 November: Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) has strongly contradicted the allegations of ANP Senator Sitara Ayaz regarding  the mega project of Peshawar “Bab-e-Khyber Flyover” at Hayatabad saying that neither the pace of work on the project was slow nor was there any irregularity as alleged by her.

In a rejoinder, the PDA authority has said the allegations of ANP Senator published in a section of the press were totally baseless and unfounded. It maintained that certain vested interest groups were out to frustrate the said project which was going on with total fairness and with fast pace of work. It clarified that the contract of the project has been given to NLC, an organ of the Federal Government. Since the NLC was an organization of the Federal Government, hence the Regional Tax Office Rawalpindi exempted it from tax vide letter issued on 11-05-2015

Total cost of the project is 1772.492 million rupees and a sum of Rs. 580 million has been given to the NLC so far and 80 per cent work has been accomplished. It further said that some vested interest were unhappy over the fairness and fast pace of work on the project.


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