Peace activist Gul-e-Afshan. - A file photo

SWAT, 15 October: A peace activist from Sargodha, Gul-e-Afshan has arrived in Swat alone on a motorcycle to give a message of peace to the world.

Gul-e-Afshan told media persons at Swat Press Club on Saturday that she started her journey from Islamabad to Buner and then to Swat on her motorcycle on Friday. She said the purpose behind travelling to Swat alone was to tell the world that exemplary peace has been established in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. She said the travelling of a lone woman in different parts of the country on a motorbike without any fear is proof of peaceful environment in the country.

Gul-e-Afshan said she wants to tell the tourists from Pakistan and rest of the world to come to Swat and enjoy its scenic beauty after restoration of peace in the area.