Naheed Jahangir

PESHAWAR: Lady police official from Tank district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gul Nisa, who was selected for the UN peace mission 10 months ago, is nowadays performing peacekeeping duties in the violence-hit Sudan.

Gul Nisa has been appointed as Assistant Inspector Police Second Lieutenant in Sudan where she is associated with the community cell and desk. The courageous woman, who had a challenging journey while joining police force in Tank despite cultural impediments, is now working for women’s rights in Sudan and bringing good name for Pakistan in international community. She has become a role model for women aspiring to excel in any field.

In a special interview with TNN, Gul Nisa said women from Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Nigeria and Jorden are also included in the peacekeeping mission. She said she is assisted by an interpreter who helps in communicating with local community. She said she qualified for Sudan mission after going through a though procedure of national and international level written tests, driving tests, fire test, computer test and interviews. She will rejoin her duty in Tank after completing her one-year assignment in Sudan.

The journey towards joining the police force and then serving in the job was not easy, but Gul Nisa was committed to her mission which made her endeavours fruitful. Gul Nisa said no job is small or big, and the thing which matters is hard work and dedication.

Gul Nisa faced the most difficult time of her life when her father died during duty due to electrocution and the family members also gradually started deserting them due to financial problems. She was enrolled in at that time, but being the eldest in the siblings, it was her responsibility to support the family. She said the relatives instead of supporting her family were creating difficulties for them by imposing restrictions on them.

Gul Nisa says there is no escape route and one has to fight it out to come out of difficulties in life as there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

After joining the Elite Police Force in 2012, Gul Nisa completed a hard training on nine months at Police Training School Hangu and then got advanced training at Nowshera. She said she also continued her education and got Master’s degree to fulfil dream of her late father.

Security situation in KP was volatile when she joined the Elite Force, but she did not lose courage and got great honour and respect within the Force. She said her family was extremely happy and proud over her selection for the UN Mission.

Gul Nisa said the people of Sudan are very adorable and treat the guest with respect. She said she misses her country very much, but she is happy that she is in Sudan for a great cause.


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