A peach grower talking to the TNN--Photo by Rafiullah.

MINGORA, 20 June: The land of Swat is famous for its fruits and vegetables. Experts say that the peach orchards stretch over 15,000 acre land in Swat, producing around 400,000 tonnes of peach every year.
Owners of the orchards and labourers say that the season of peach starts in May which continues till September—a major source of their income. According to Swat Fruit and Vegetable Association, the peach of Swat is not only supplied to the whole country but also exported to Arab countries and Afghanistan. They say that a comprehensive policy devised by the government regarding export of the peach would benefit the local growers.
“We request the government to help us in this regard. We cannot preserve this fruit and it gets rotten before reaching the market. We need cold storages in our areas. We deal in packing of peach and during the five-six months season we earn about 150,000 to 200,000,” they said.


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