PESHAWAR: The Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Wednesday observed that the people are in trouble due to price hike, but the government is not even able to control the price of roti (bread).

The remarks were made by the PHC Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid while hearing a petition against increase in prices of poultry and livestock. Secretary Food, Director General Livestock, president of Poultry Association, Assistant Attorney General Sikandar Hayat Shah and lawyers of the petitioners appeared in the court.

Justice Qaiser Rashid said the prices of poultry and livestock are increased every now and then. He said people are highly perturbed over inflation.

Justice Syed Muhammad Attique Shah inquired from Secretary Food about the price of meat. The secretary replied that meat is available for Rs600 per kg in market. The chief justice observed that meat was earlier available for Rs300 or Rs350 and now it has reached Rs600 per kg. He asked what was the government doing to control prices.

The chief justice said the government is even unable to bring the price of roti under control. He said people suffer due to price hike. He said the government should take steps for providing relief to people. He gave the provincial government one-week time to finalise prices of different items in consultation with all stakeholders. He said the unprecedented price hike has made the lives of people difficult.

The court asked the Secretary Food to present a detailed report about the prices within one week, and adjourned the hearing.

A day earlier, the PHC heard a petition against blockage of roads during public rallies and protests, and issued notice to the provincial government.

The court conducted hearing on the petition filed by senior journalist Jamshed Baghwan.

Ali Gohar Durrani Advocate, lawyer for the petitioner, said different roads of Peshawar are blocked during protests and public rallies due to which citizens face difficulties. He said a large number of protesters also routinely gather outside the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly building due to which the assembly chowk remains blocked and the traffic system of the entire city turns into a mess. Students, office-going people and those trying to reach hospitals through ambulances also suffer a lot due to road blockages.


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