PESHAWAR, 20 November: Due to unavailability of certain facilities, patients at the Peshawar’s Naseerullah Babar Memorial Hospital, commonly known as City hospital have been facing numerous problems.

Local residents said that during power load shedding, doctors usually carried out patients’ check up in dark as the power generator at the hospital was out of order for long.

They further said that they had to wait for hours for the results of clinical tests advised by the doctors as majority of tests are being done by equipment run by electricity. They added that most of the patients did their test from private laboratories outside the hospital.

They informed that the hospital had only one power generator which was donated to it by an organization but the same was usually being used during operations.

Muhammad Ali, a local resident while talking to TNN demanded of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to pay attention to the status of small hospitals instead of focusing on just large and teaching hospitals.