Photo by Attaullah Nasim

BATAGRAM, 21 August: Due to the dilapidated condition of the main Paiman Sharif road in Batagram district, motorists and other passengers have been facing great difficulties in transportation.

Local residents said the road is being used by thousands of people on daily basis but nobody bothered to pay any heed to its maintenance since long.

They informed that due the uneven and bumpy nature of the road, a number of traffic accidents had occurred.

“School children usually sit on the roofs of passenger vans and a number of children have fallen from the vehicles,” a local said while talking to TNN.

“The most horrible experience is when we shift elderly people specially patients to doctors and hospitals in vans and cars, it only aggravates their illness,” he added.

Another villager informed the same road was also being used by tourists who came to Yakh Tangi area and they too face great difficulties.

“We demand from the provincial government to repair the road and have mercy on the people of the area,” he remarked.

Besides, taxi drivers have also complained that the road is not only wasting their time, it is also destructive for their cabs. “Our cabs develop faults too frequently as we use the road daily,” a cabbie complained.

When contacted district nazim Batagram Attaur Rahman said funds had been allocated for the road in the annual budget but the same could not be released in time due to a stay order issued by the court in favor of the opposition members.

He pledged to start work on the road immediately after funds were released for the project.