Photo by Maaz Jan

DIR, 19 July: Passengers and transporters at the general bus stand in Upper Dir have been equally facing problems due to unavailability of proper waiting area and roof, residents complained.

They said none of the consecutive government bothered to carry out any construction work in the bus stand built in the center of the city.

“Since there is no shade and waiting area, passengers usually face problems in hot summer as well as in winter,” said a local resident.

One of the drivers said they had erected makeshift shades but they were pulled up by winds.

“There is no waiting area for the passengers where they can wait and protect themselves from rain or sun. Men, women and children usually suffer as they have to wait in hot summer without any protection,” said Anu Gul Mulla Khan, a driver of a passenger coach.

Some people also complain that there is no cleanliness arrangements in the bus stand and filth and garbage are scattered everywhere.

“We demand from the government to construct roof in the bus stand so that passengers and transporters can protect themselves from direct sun and rain,” another driver Sherinzada said.

Meanwhile, Senior Minister for Local Government Inayatullah told TNN that a modern bus terminal would be constructed in Dir Upper and for this purpose, the government has approved Rs130 million.

He said with the construction of modern bus terminal, the problems faced by travelers and transporters would be overcome to great extent.