‘People-Police coordination must to control crime in society’

PESHAWAR: Better coordination among people and police is a must to curb crime and violence in society, said participants of a seminar held here at a private University of Peshawar on Monday.

The seminar organized by Rozan, a non-governmental organization, where Naib Nazim Peshawar Syed Qasim Ali Shah and Superintendent Police (coordination) Rauf Kasrani among students were present.

Speaking on the occasion, the naib nazim said that provincial government brought many reforms in Police Act 2017 and improved its performance. He said that KP police was the best force that have been delivering its duties in a better way.

SP Kasrani said the government has set up modern police stations, police assistance lines and dispute resolution councils to resolve people problems peacefully.

“Police performance in KP has improved in many ways and the force has been fulfilling its responsibilities more efficiently,” the police officer claimed.

He added that female police personnel have been appointed in police stations to encourage women to register their complaints against any excesses against them.

Vice Chancellor of City University Engineer Attaullah Shah stressed on enrolment of police officers in M.Phil and Ph.D to bring more improvement in their performance and involve them in research work.

He stressed on community programmes through media especially radio and FM Channels to ensure coordination among police and masses.