The residents of Saidu Sharif protesting against power load-shedding. - Photo by Rafiullah

SWAT, 6 July: The people of Swat on Sunday night staged a protest demonstration against prolonged power load-shedding and changing of their feeder.

The local people took out a rally from Uqba towards Khana Cham to record their protest. They said the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has linked the feeder of Saidu Sharif with Marghazar which is unjust. They said Marghazar is a mountainous area and the WPADA officials switch off power supply in the area for several hours even with a little breeze. They demanded that their feeder be separated from Marghazar and load-shedding reduced in Saidu Sharif.

“We face load-shedding even during Sehr and Iftar timings. We reside in an urban area but our feeder has been connected with far flung areas. We demand immediate relief in load-shedding and separation of our feeder,” a protester told TNN.

“We will wait for restoration of our feeder till tomorrow. If our demand was not met then we will march on the offices of assistant commissioner and (PML-N leader) Amir Muqam,” another protester said.

On the other hand, the WAPDA officials are of the view that Marghazar feeder was joined with Saidu Sharif due to excessive load on the feeder.


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