PESHAWAR, November 5: Residents have protested the high electricity bills by blocking main road in Nauthia locality near Sunehri Masjid in the provincial capital.

The protestors torched the power bills and said the PESCO cut off power supply to them after they refused to they did not agree to pay high bills due to which PESCO has cut off the electricity supply to their homes after they refused to pay bills.

They said that their power meters had also been broken by unknown people and an FIR was registered against innocent people in the matter.

“We are three family members. Kindly come along so that I can show you what kind of industry do I run, for which I got the bill of 50,000 rupees. We have nothing as such at our home, except two fans, four bulbs and an air cooler. I got the bill of 35,000 rupees last month and 11,000 rupees before that. This is totally unjust. How will I arrange such a huge sum?”

Later on, negotiations between PESCO and protestors were held. The authorities assured them that they would install new meters and that the electricity supply would be restored soon.


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