Federal Defence Minister Pervez Khattak clashed with the Prime Minister Imran Khan during a meeting of ruling Pakistan Tehrik Insaf parliamentary party meeting on Thursday.

Mr Khattak reportedly told the premier that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has made him the Prime Minister. He said that KP was facing gas outages and if this continued then they would not vote him.

The defence minister also left the meeting in a huff after his exchanges with the premier. However, he later told reporters that he was not upset, rather, had left the meeting for smoking.

He told reporters KP was suffering despite producing gas and electricity. “I raised my voice for our rights,” he said.

He said that he has warned the premier that KP people have elected as prime minister. However, he said that the same province was facing gas outages.”If this thing continued then the people of KP would not vote him again,” he said.

Earlier in February last year, Mr Khattak in a public meeting in Nowshera district had boasted that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government would not stand for a day if he stopped supporting it.

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