Petrol Pumps Association to boycott election in North Waziristan

PESHAWAR: The North Waziristan Petrol Pumps Association announced to boycott the upcoming election after their dialogues with the district administration failed to bear any results on Saturday.

The association has warned that before the election (July 20), they will shut down all their petrol pumps with black flags in protests against the government apathy to resolve their issues and provide compensation for the damage incurred to their petrol stations during the war against militancy.

The North Waziristan Petroleum Association president Malik Raqeeb Gul along with other representatives of the association said that so far they have not received compensation for their damages, and until they aren’t compensated, they will continue their protest.

The association said that a total of 70 petrol pump owners suffered damages of about Rs565 million during military operations. They said they approached every relevant quarter in the previous government and the current government and got assurances that their problem will be addressed, but nothing was done practically.

The association said that federal government has also released fund for the compensation of petrol pumps owners, however, so far, they haven’t been provided relief such fund. The president of the association said payment of compensation is underway in North Waziristan to the owners of damaged houses, shops and other properties, therefore in the same manner; filling stations owners should also be included in the compensation payment process.

Petrol pumps owners have also staged several protests for payment of compensation, but no heed was paid to it by the concerned authorities. Malik Raqeeb said the businesses suffered huge damages during law and order problems in North Waziristan and now they need help to resurrect their businesses. He said the petrol pump owners have been ignored continuously, which is a cause of grave concern.

The petrol pumps association has also called an emergency meeting of its members in Miran Shah to decide the future course of action.



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