Court rejects plea to transfer Dawar, Wazir bail hearing

PESHAWAR: The Peshawar High Court Bar Association (PHCBA) has demanded the Federal government to release the Members National Assembly and others detained activists before Eid.

The demand was made by the president of Association, Abdul Lateef Afridi, through a letter. It condemned the statements of Ali Muhammad Khan, Murad Saeed and Pervez Khattak against the MNA’s from North Waziristan on the floor of the assembly.

“The statement of Ali Muhammad Khan in the National Assembly is not astonishing as people like Murad Saeed, Pervaiz Khattak and Chief Minister Mehmood Khan have already spoken against PTMs MNA’s,” said the letter.

In the letter, it was lamented the actual facts are not been provided to the public about the May 26 North Waziristan Tragedy. The letter added the government is misleading the public through ‘false news’.

“Not a single shot was fired from the procession as neither any person was armed nor after the merger armed possession could be seen or taken out anywhere,” observed the letter of the PHCBA president.

The letter said that two MNA’s could neither order firing as nobody was armed nor in fact, they have fired as both of them are lawyers and responsible citizens beside being people’s representatives in the parliament.

“The two MNA’s have been roped in a fake and false case as such their immediate release is essential for easing tensions in the area,” PHCBA asked the government. “Score of other peoples like Abdus Samad Khan Advocate and others detained form different districts under MPO should also be released in view of the forthcoming Eid-Ul-Fitr.”

The two members national assembly, Mohsin Dawar and Ali Wazir have been remanded into the police custody for eight days by an anti-terrorism court in Bannu. The leadership of Pakistan People Party has already demanded the national assembly speaker to issue their production orders; however, no such order was issued b the speaker.


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