Robbery protest in Wana
Local traders protested the failure of police in apprehanding robbers.

WANA: Traders have observed complete shut down by closing around nine thousand shops  on Friday to protest the robbery of pine nuts from godown in Wana, South Waziristan.

Yesterday unknown persons had looted a pine-nut warehouse in the night detaining the watchman and other persons during the raid.  According to police the worth of stolen pine-nuts has been reported around Rs. 12 million.

The traders said that they protested by closing all markets in the wana bazaar because the police have failed in apprehending the robbers. They added that the incidents of stealing, robbery and snatching have been increased during last few months while police had failed to provide security to people in the area.

Waziristan has been one of the famous regions for the production of pine-nuts in Pakistan.  The traders provide pine nuts not only to other parts of the country but also exports it to foreign countries.

Along with other sectors, production and trade of pine-nuts were also badly affected during the militancy and military operations in Waziristan but the traders said that business of pine nuts have been improving since peace is restored to the region.