Abdur Rahim says his plasma could not save woman's life, but at least he tried to save her.

Naheed Jahangir

PESHAWAR: Abdur Rahim Afridi, a resident of Khyber tribal district, says he got great peace of mind after donating plasma for a woman after recovering from coronavirus, but the death of the woman saddened him again.

Abdur Rahim told TNN that he was hopeful that the woman will defeat coronavirus as the doctors had shared good news of her 70 percent recovery within two days of plasma donation, but her condition deteriorated again on third day due to high blood pressure and she died, leaving him and the woman’s family in deep shock and grief.

“I am sad that the woman could not survive despite plasma donation, but I am still satisfied that at least I fulfilled my responsibility,” he said.

Abdur Rahim said he suffered a lot due to coronavirus and he had decided at that time that he would definitely help others after recovery.

Abdur Rahim’s difficulties were more serious as his wife was also diagnosed with the virus after which both of them went into quarantine and there was no one to look after their nine-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son who were left alone at home.

Abdur Rahim said he was so careless and wasn’t following any precautions due to which he contracted coronavirus. He said he used to attend every gathering and did not hesitate to shake hands with everyone. He said he went to Rawalpindi during Ramazan and was not feeling well after return. He said he felt throat pain and fever after which he went to hospital and his coronavirus test came back as positive. He said doctor advised him to isolate him at home as he was not facing breathing problem. He said the family members also underwent tests, the results of children were clear, but wife contracted coronavirus.

“There was no one in our house to cook food and my business also came to a standstill. We were also extremely worried for our children as we could not touch them and they were alone,” he said.

However, he said, thing started getting normal as they started to learn to live with the disease. He said he and his wife gradually resumed their respective tasks by following all precautions. He said his children also endured the hardship very well and everything got normal gradually.

“Me and my wife were overwhelmed with joy when our test came back as negative after 14-day quarantine. We then just could not wait to meet our children and hug them,” they said.

Abdur Rahim said after recovery a friend requested him for plasma donation for his ailing mother and he immediately agreed.

“After going to hospital, I thought that plasma donation will be like blood donation, but it was quite a difficult and lengthy process. However, I did not feel any weakness and my experience was good,” he said, adding that the donated plasma by one recovered patient is enough to save two lives. He said his plasma has also been given to another patient. He said he is extremely satisfied that at least he tried to save lives. He appealed to all the recovered patients to donate plasma to save lives as saving one life is like saving the whole humanity.