PESHAWAR, 17 December: To sensitize the social issue of child abuse and create awareness among the public regarding child protection, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) and non-governmental organization Itebar staged a play at the Agha Khan Auditorium of the University of Peshawar on Thursday.

School children, parents and teachers were also invited to watch the play.

The play highlighted that usually when children fell prey to sexual and physical abuse at the hands of different elements, they did not share the problem with parents due to a sense of fear or lack of knowledge.

After the play, psychologists shared information with the audience how they could protect their children from being abused.

Talking to TNN IPCS director Jamil Chitrali said the objective of the play was to discourage the child abuse and create awareness among masses as, he said, “a child if abused in minor age, will not become a useful citizen”.

“The victim children are easily attracted towards crime as they grow,” Chitrali said. “Some also fall in hands of terrorist,” he concluded.


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