JAMRUD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday announced construction of Jabba dam in Khyber tribal district.

Addressing a massive public gathering in Jamrud, the prime minister said the dam would provide drinking water facility to one million people and also irrigation water to farmers. The premier also announced water supply schemes for Khyber tribal district and 12 bypass roads and said Torkham border will be kept open for 24 hours to facilitate the local traders.

Imran Khan mentioned that he was the first person to oppose sending the security forces to tribal region. He said it was not a good decision both for the military and the tribal people. He said the tribal people stood by their Kashmiri brothers in 1948 and again they offered countless sacrifices in the war against terrorism, but the losses they suffered were never accurately assessed by anyone. He assured that he will try his best to restore full trade activities in the tribal districts and they are compensated properly for their damages. He said the youth would get interest-free loans for starting their business.

The premier said he will provide everything in his control to the tribal people. He said the country is passing through a very difficult time now. He said the performance of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will be compared with other governments when its tenure will come to an end after five years. He said the national debt mounted to thirty thousand billion rupees from six thousand billion rupees during the last two governments. He said the previous governments instead of gaining experience in running the economy gained experience in money-laundering and corruption.

Imran Khan said if PPP leaders Asif Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari want to hold a million march in Islamabad then he is ready to provide them a container. He said the government is not going anywhere, rather Asif Zardari is going to jail.

The premier said he is hopeful for peace in Afghanistan. He said his advice is not an interference in Afghan affairs. He said peace in Afghanistan is in great interest of Pakistan. He said he is saying from his experience that there will be chaos in Afghanistan if any party rejected the polls results. He said elections in Afghanistan through an interim government will be transparent.


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