ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation for the first time since election as the country’s new premier. His speech was aired through Pakistan Television.

The address began following the recitation from Holy Quran and the playing of the national anthem.

PM Khan thanked those who stood by him in his political struggle for the last 22 years and said that he never wanted to pursue politics as his career but as a mean to make the Pakistan what it should have been.

“I salute all those workers who stood by me in difficult of times and bore ridicule to support me,” he said.

Identifying Pakistan’s economic challenges, he said he never, in Pakistan’s history, have seen Pakistan facing such difficult economic circumstances.

“Our debt burden has reached Rs28 trillion. We haven’t been as indebted in our entire history as we have been in the last ten years,” said PM Khan.

He promised to bring the looted money that was amassed in foreign banks back. The prime minister said that the interest that Pakistan has to pay on debt has reached a level for which they have to take on more debt just to repay obligations.

“On one hand we are so indebted, and on the other hand our human development index ranking is in the doldrums.”

Next, PM Khan outlined the deficiencies in the healthcare sector and lamented that Pakistan was among the five countries where infant mortality due to unclean water resources was the highest.

He also promised to implement his 100 days plan.