Prime Minister Imran Khan. - A file photo

MIRANSHAH: Prime Minister Imran Khan along with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mehmood Khan will conduct a visit to North Waziristan tribal district tomorrow (Monday).

Sources said the prime minister and chief minister will hold a meeting with a Jirga of tribal elders from North and South Waziristan in Miranshah. It is expected that the prime minister will announce a huge package for the tribal districts during his visit. He is expected to announce establishment of two more universities, large hospitals and sports complex in the tribal districts.

Imran Khan is also expected to make important announcements about the ongoing merger process of tribal districts with KP. It will be the first visit by the prime minister and chief minister to North Waziristan after assuming their respective offices.

Local journalists have not been invited for the coverage of Imran Khan and Mehmood Khan’s visit. Sources said the local media persons are planning to lodge protest over the snub.

The prime minister is making a visit to North Waziristan at a time when the anti-merger forces are staging protests and demanding the government to take back the merger decision.

On Saturday, the elders of Ahmedzai tribe held another Jirga at Qazi Fazal Qadir Shaheed Park in Bannu and demanded the prime minister to take a U-turn on the merger decision. The tribal elders said they will never accept the police and patwar system in the tribal districts.

The anti-merger parties are of the view that the decision was imposed on the tribal people against their will, while the government says a wide majority of people wanted the merger and they are happy to become part of KP.