PM orders to launch mobile phone app to curb child abuse

PESHAWAR: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday ordered the creation of a special mobile phone application called ‘Mera Bacha App’ to effectively curb child sex abuse and other unpleasant incidents, abductions and disappearances of children in the country.

The purpose of the app is to keep track of the child abduction, missing cases. Officials informed that the application will be ready in two weeks and could be downloaded into smartphones.

It was informed that in the event of the disappearance of any child, a family of the child can enter data on this application which will immediately be shared with the inspector generals and other senior officers of the provinces to speed up the efforts to provided justice to the family.

This mobile phone application will be linked to the ‘Pakistan Citizens Portal’ to monitor the progress in the investigation by the concern authorities to recover any missing child anywhere in the country. Through this application, a check will also be kept on the efficiency of the concern officials in dealing with such case.

Prime Minister sent out the directives during a cabinet meeting which was arranged to progress on the investigation of cases of child abuse. PM Khan said that the application will allow instant reporting and hence a significant decline in the heinous crime will be noted.

At the Federal Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister was told that there has been a great step forward in the investigation into cases of unethical and unpleasant incidents with children and that success will help reach the other accused involved in such a malicious act.

He was informed that many unpleasant incidents related to children are concealed by parents due to social and other reasons. Imran Khan said that the present government will take all measures to ensure the safety of innocent children and strictly punish those who are involved in such malicious and horrific crimes.