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PESHAWAR: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday warned India against miscalculation and said that better sense should prevail as the war will not be in control of anybody to stop.

In his short address to the nation, the prime minister said Pakistan offered India to investigate Pulwama incident because Pakistan cannot allow its terrorist to be used against any foreign country. He said despite his assurance to complete support in the investigation, India was bent upon war mongering and he feared that India will indulge into some military action.

He said he discussed the issue with civil and military leaders after Indian aggression and decided that Pakistan will not take any action which will cause any collateral damage or damage the civilian population.

Imran Khan said now Pakistan has conveyed to India that if they can enter the Pakistani air space then Pakistan can also come inside India. He said Pakistan had to retaliate over the India aggression and now their two pilots are under our custody.

“However, where we are going from here today. All wars of the world happened due to miscalculations. No one has control over the war when it starts,” said the premier.

Imran Khan mentioned that the World War 1 and World War 2 were also initiated on the basis of miscalculations as the countries involved initially thought that the wars will end within few weeks. Similarly, he said, the American war on terror has taken 17 years and it is still continuing.

“Pakistan has suffered casualties in the past so we offered to cooperate with India. Because terrorism is not in Pakistan’s interests,” he said. The premier said during the last 10 years, he has visited various hospitals to see the victims of terrorism as Pakistan has suffered the most from the war. He said Pakistan lost 70,000 precious lives for peace in the world. He said Pakistan don’t want escalation in the war and wants to resolve the issues through talks.

“Can we afford miscalculation of war in presence of our weapons we have. In such an eventuality, it will not be in my control or anyone else’s control to stop the war,” he warned.

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