PESHAWAR, 25 December: Prolonged dry spell and cold weather in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has taken its toll on the people’s health and many children are also infected by pneumonia besides cough and flue.

Dr Irshad of the Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar says most new-born children who died during the last two months were suffering from pneumonia. The data of most hospitals in Peshawar shows that pneumonia is spreading rapidly among the children.

Medical experts say this kind of a dry weather is very dangerous for the health of children. Dr Irshad said the children should be kept warm to save them from seasonal diseases. He said gathering of many people in a single room also causes seasonal diseases.

“Pneumonia spreads easily in the winter. Most child deaths nowadays are happening due to pneumonia. Many children also suffer from pneumonia due to measles and diarrhoea,” he said.

Health experts have warned that the seasonal diseases might father increase if the prevailing dry and cold weather circumstances did not change.