Poetry sessions held in Kurram and Mohmand tribal districts to celebrate peace and FATA merger in KP.

KURRAM: Promoting peace through poetry, Pashto poets on Thursday gathered to express their desire for permanent peace in tribal areas of Pakistan. Organised by the journalists of Kurram, the session was held in the mountains of Koh-e-Sufaid at an altitude of 6000 feet in the district upper part.

The poetry session was attended by poets, tribal elders and representatives of civil society. Renowned poets of the area including Yousaf Gilamand, Arif Jan Arif, Fakhri Bangash, Bacha Bangash, and others recited their poems on the theme of ‘peace’.

The organizers on the occasion said that the objective of the event is to disseminate the message of peace.The poets through their poetry highlighted the plight of tribal people and gave a message of peace and sectarian harmony in the district which was previously hit by sectarian conflicts.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Zubair Khan said that holding of the event in intense weather conditions reflects the peace-loving nature of the people of the district.

Chairman of the press club, Ali Afzal stressed upon media persons and poets to highlight that how the peaceful environment is must for development and prosperity of the country. “We have to inform the people that only sustainable peace guarantees an environment where people from all walks of life can work together for their country’s development”, he added

Poetry session held in Yaka Ghund to celebrate FATA-KP merger

Meanwhile on Thursday, the literary community of Mohmand tribal district also organized poetry session to celebrate the merger of the erstwhile FATA with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Held at Government Degree College Yaka Ghund, the event was titled “Za da Pukhtuno da Kaflo Sara Zam,” where poets enthralled the audience with their poetry.

Dr Abbasin Yousafzai, a senior Pashto poet, presided over the session and termed the KP-Fata merger a good omen for the region’s socio-economic development. Abbasin also underlined the need for providing more opportunities to the youth of the tribal districts to secure proper education and get themselves prepared for future challenges.

Prof Bakhtzada Danish, Dr. Abbasin Yousafzai, Khiyal Momand, Ghazal Momand, Wasim Momand, Jamil Gul, Jamil Ghulam, Jameel Ghulam Hussain Muhhib and Wisal Momand cited their melodious poetry and received round applause from the audience.



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