Police arrest main suspect in honor-related triple murder case

HANGU, 12 March: Police has arrested an accused alleged of killing his three nieces in the name of honor.

District police officer Asif Gohar told reporters here on Monday that the accused had confessed to his crime and admitted that he killed the girls after they leveled allegations of sexual harassment against their father.

The arrested accused, Khan Akbar was also produced before the media. Confessing to his crime, he said he killed the girls without the support of anybody else.

However, the district police officer said that the accused took the extreme step apparently on the provocation of the girls’ father, who is already arrested by the police and is presently in jail.

Asif Gohar further informed that police has already arrested two sons of Khan Akbar while his younger brother, who is also wanted in the same case, is still at large. He said the absconding accused would soon be arrested.

It merits a mention here that a few days ago, Zainab (24) and her sister Najma (15) had filed a police report accusing their father of raping them. Police had arrested the accused.

Following registration of the report, the three girls were shot dead inside their home by unidentified gunmen. The maternal uncles of the girl had nominated six men including the girls’ father, paternal uncle and four other people of the family.

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