PESHAWAR: The services of dozens of policemen deployed at Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project have been withdrawn after the terrorist attack in a madrassa in Dir Colony area of Peshawar.

The provision of free of cost BRT cards has also been stopped and now the price of BRT card, which was previously available for Rs100, has increased to Rs250.

Some incidents of scuffles and damage to BRT buses by angry mob were reported after which policemen were deployed for security of the terminals. However, security needs of the city increased after the terrorist attack in Dir Colony and police high ups decided to step up security measures at sensitive locations. Additional personnel were required to fulfil the additional security needs that is why the personnel deployed at BRT stations have been called back.

Officials believe that there is threat of more sabotage acts in Peshawar, therefore, security has been put on high alert. Patrolling of police and checking at police points has been enhanced.

The administration of the BRT service has been directed to make alternate arrangements after police security was withdrawn. Special machinery has also been brought at the BRT stations to meet any emergency situation.

On October 27, a blast happened in a madrassa in Dir Colony Peshawar in which eight people lost their lives and over a hundred others were injured.

The security of educational institutions in Peshawar has been put on high alert after the blast in madrassa. Security measures in the University of Peshawar, Islamia College University and Agriculture University have been further enhanced. The security of internal departments of different universities has also been stepped up. Every person entering the university premises is being checked and additional personnel have been deployed at security check posts.

Academic activities have also been suspended at Madrassa Jamia Zubairia after the blast. The administration of the seminary has sent all the students home and asked them that they will be informed about the status of academic activities latter.

Keeping in view the security situation, the government has requested the opposition alliance to postpone its massive rally planned in Peshawar. However, the opposition has rejected the government’s request.


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