BARA: A police station building was inaugurated in the remote Tirah Maidan area of Khyber tribal district on Thursday.

TNN correspondent reported that Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Peshawar Muhammad Ali Gandapur, Commissioner Amjid Ali, Waqas from 105 Brigade and District Police Officer (DPO) Dr Muhammad Iqbal were present on the occasion. The local tribal elders and police officers welcomed the dignitaries.

During the visit, the CCPO Peshawar checked the police station’s record, staff and building. He said the establishment of a police station in the remote area of Khyber tribal district is the outcome of sacrifices of the security forces and local people.

Muhammad Ali Gandapur said the policing system in Khyber district is continuing smoothly which is a matter of pride for Police Department. He said the establishment of police station will facilitate the people in getting justice. He said the inauguration of the police station is a significant step. The CCPO said the area remained under-developed during the past. However, he said, the establishment of police station will also speed up other development projects in the area.

DPO Dr Muhammad Iqbal directed the policemen to facilitate the complainants and create a friendly environment for them to build their trust on police. He said the people of Tirah Maidan are peace-loving and resolution of some disputes according to local culture and traditions will be encouraged. He said no one is above the law in the new system and everyone will be treated equally.

The district police chief said the former Levies and Khassadar personnel and local people offered countless sacrifices for peace in the country. He said the Khyber district police is performing brilliantly despite resource constraints. He said the training of former Levies and Khassadar personnel has also been initiated keeping in view the modern-day requirements.

Dr Iqbal said the former Levies and Khassadar personnel will be trained on modern lines to bring them on par with other trained forces of the country and increase their professional capacity. He said he is confident that the people of Khyber district will fully support the police in maintaining law and order in the area.