SWAT: Policemen in Swat have subjected three women, who were arrested on charges of theft, to torture.

A video of the torture has surfaced on the social media in which it can be seen clearly that the station house officer (SHO) and other policemen of Saidu Sharif Police Station in plain clothes are openly torturing the women allegedly involved in theft. The policemen, including the SHO, can be seen slapping and kicking the accused women while making them sit in a police vehicle.

Besides torture, the policemen could also be heard using abusive words for the accused women while shifting them in a police vehicle to the police station. A voice could also be heard in the video forbidding the policemen from slapping the women, but the cops are not paying much attention to that voice and continuing with torture and verbal abuse.

The citizens have criticised police over torturing the women openly and said this is illegal and unethical act. They said if the women are really involved in some crime then they must be dealt according to the law, but torturing them before everyone and disgracing them is setting wrong precedent. And then the torture is filmed and someone shared it on the social media which went viral within no time.

The social circles have demanded thorough investigation into the matter.

Last week, Swat Police foiled a bid of giving six-year-old girl as Swara (compensation) to settle a dispute between two rival families.

On receiving information, police raided the remote Lakhar village of Khwazakhela tehsil and rescued a six-year-old girl who was being given as Swara to settle a dispute between two rival families. Police also arrested 14 persons involved in the practice.

Police said there was enmity between two families over a murder. A Jirga had arranged patch-up between the two families and a girl from the accused family was being given as Swara to the victim family. Police raided the area and arrested 14 accused involved in the practice.

A case has been filed against 17 accused involved in the arrangement. Raids were continuing for the arrest of the remaining accused.


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