A view of an awareness meeting on polio vaccination in Mohmand Agency. – Photo by Gul Muhammad Mohmand

GHALLANAI, 6 September: A meeting was organised at the office of political agent Mohmnad Agency to devise strategy to convince the refusing parents about the importance of polio vaccination.

Officials of the World Health Organisation (WHO), United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF), Health Department, political administration and local elders, Ulema and refusing parents attended the meeting. Eminent psychologist Dr Zabeehullah, who was invited for the meeting from Peshawar, said in reply to various questions that polio is a precarious disease which is dangerous for the whole world. He said the negative perceptions about the polio vaccination are result of misunderstandings.

“Before indulging in misconceptions about polio vaccine we should go to some expert like doctors or medicine specialists to ascertain truth behind the rumours. We should not let others to manipulate our beliefs and use reason and logic in these matters,” he said.

Political Agent Muhammad Aslam said polio vaccination campaign is quite successful in Mohmand Agency. However, he said, the children of far situated areas are still deprived of polio drops.

“We are carrying out vaccination campaigns successfully in Mohmand Agency. We also face some difficulties in some far off areas, but we try our best to ensure availability of polio vaccine to every child,” he said.

The political agent said joint efforts are needed to eliminate the disease from the region.

The tribal elders said they are ready to extend all kinds of cooperation with the administration for making polio vaccination campaigns successful.