Photo by Zahid Mulagori

MULAGURI, 12 July: The political administration of Khyber Agency has asked 40 unregistered Afghan families to leave Mulaguri area of the agency by coming Thursday.

The officials and local sources said that the personnel of Khasadar force visited Sher Bridge and Malik Kili in Mulaguri where they marked the houses of Afghan refugees and asked them to leave the area by July 14 2016. The officials warned that in any case the houses of Afghan refugees would be demolished after July 14.

Khan Gul Mama and elderly Afghan refugee residing in Mulaguri said that they have been asked by administration to vacate their houses and leave the area within two days.” We dont know where we will go after leaving the area. We are clueless about our next destination” he said.

The federal government has extended the stay of registered Afghan refugees living in Pakistan for six more months till December 31, 2016.

The validity period of the ‘Proof of Registration’ cards that allow Afghan refugees to stay in Pakistan  was to expire on June 30, 2016.

It is worth mentioning here that the extension in stay can be availed by Proof of Registration card holders and Afghan nationals with legal stay documents.

As for now, there are 1.6 million registered Afghan refugees in Pakistan. According to UNHCR, the number of unregistered Afghan refugees is around 1 million.