A seminar on delimitation of PK constituencies in Khyber district held in Bara Press Club on Sunday, Photo by Shah Nawaaz

BARA: Leaders of political parties have expressed reservations over the demarcation of PK 106 and PK 107 in Khyber district and decided to challenge it in the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

They expressed these views during a seminar organized by a social and political pressure group Khyber Union in Bara Press Club on Sunday. People from various walks of life participated in the seminar.

The speakers included ex-former Minister Hameedullah Jan, PTI leader Abdul Ghani, PPP representative Suhail Ahmad, PML-N leader Azghar Khan, Muhammad Shafiq and leaders of Khyber Union Murad Saqi and Bazaar Gul Afridi.

They criticized the ECP for illogical delimitation of PK 106 constituency comprising Jamrud tehsil and some areas of Bara tehsil. They said that the two tribes Shalober and Qamberkhel which have been included in PK 106 are historically, administratively and politically separate form Kukikhel tribe residing in Jamrud tehsil. Therefore, they demanded of the ECP to rethink over the demarcation of the constituency and exclude Shalober and Qamber Khel tribes from it.

Moreover, they said PK 107 was the longest constituency throughout the country which is spanning over 140 kilometer of area. They asked ECP to include Shalober and Qamberkhel tribes in constituency with other tribes from Bara and allocate two constituencies to Bara and Tirah keeping in view their populations and area.

The participants of the seminar constituted a 12 members committee from various political parties to challenge the delimitation of PK 106 and PK 107 and discuss the future strategy.

The speakers rejected the allocation of 16 provincial assembly constituencies to the merged tribal districts and demanded of the ECP to allocate at least 40 constituencies to the ex-FATA.

Some of the speakers said that merger of tribal areas with KP was being done in haste which was causing problems and complications in the region.

They threatened to stage protest movement if their reservations over delimitation of constituencies were not addressed by ECP.

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