Kishwara talking to TNN after receiving a sewing machine in Swat. - Photo by Rafiullah

SWAT, 8 May: Kishwara, a poor woman who lives in Saidu Sharif area of Swat, is compelled to do the job of a cobbler to earn livelihood for her children.

Kishwara says her husband also left her due to poverty and three of her children are suffering from different diseases. TNN had broadcast a report about the difficulties of Kishwara on the International Labour Day on 1 May.

After her plight was highlighted by TNN, an official from Swat Baitul Maal purchased a sewing machine for this courageous woman from his own pocket and sent it to her through our correspondent Rafiullah.

Kishwara expressed happiness after receiving the sewing machine. She said she will now make clothes for people instead of repairing their shoes to earn livelihood for her children. She said she will pray for wellbeing of those who helped her in time of need.

“I am very happy after receiving this sewing machine. This will help me in earning livelihood in an honourable manner. I will pray for your success in life. Now I will use this machine to look after my children,” she told TNN.


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